Advanced Tissue Pathology and Imaging Core

Tissue phenotyping is an essential component of analytical tools to understand, diagnose, and treat diabetes. The purpose of this facility is to provide access to complex, time-consuming, and technically intensive procedures that assist DRC investigators, accelerate discovery, streamline practices, increase reproducibility, and reduce costs as well as animal use. The Advanced Tissue Pathology and Imaging Core provides a spectrum of advanced cellular and tissue pathology and imaging services that meet the needs of diabetes researchers at Columbia University. The Core also provides state-of-the-art microscopy equipment and services. They include confocal, live 2-photon and scanning & transmission electron microscopy. As more advanced and specialized microscopy services have been added, the ATPI Core has added relevant technical training and provided requisite image acquisition and analysis capabilities.

The ATPI Core aims to facilitate, for DRC investigators, the histopathological characterization of tissues in a manner that reduces cost, improves quality, facilitates sharing of complex research protocols and/or reagents, and increases robustness and reproducibility of data. In this capacity, the core provides to DRC investigators state-of-the-art equipment and services that would otherwise be beyond the means of individual scientists. By providing not only access to costly equipment but also access to commonly used mouse and human antibodies, fluorescent tools, and histological reagents and protocols that have been validated, the Core increases the efficiently with which diabetes researchers carry out their work, and increases the reproducibility and robustness of data obtained

Reservations and Prices

Please email Dr. Lori Zeltser for scheduling and pricing.


Pathology services

  • Routine and specialized histology services including embedding, tissue processing and sectioning
  • Routine staining, such as H&E and Oil Red on sections from brain, liver, pancreas, fat and gut
  • Frozen and paraffin-embedded
  • Immunohistochemistry and immunoflurorescence staining with up to four colors
  • Access to over 80 validated diabetes-relevant antibodies and histological reagents
  • RNA in situ hybridization

Advanced microscopy services

  • Standard epifluorescence
  • Confocal microscopy (scanning and spinning-disk)
  • Two-photon microscopy
  • Wide-field fluorescence microscopy
  • Super-resolution imaging (STORM and SIM)
  • Cell surface imaging with <100 nM z-resolution (TIRF)
  • Laser-capture microdissection and live cell imaging
  • Advanced image analysis – including image deconvolution

Consultation services

  • Experimental design
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Instrument training



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